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Pauline has worked tirelessly for people from all walks of life with a dedication that transcends "party" politics. The following are endorsements of Pauline, the person, from some of the many people she has had the pleasure to encounter during her career and public service life. 

Pauline is an enthusiastic supporter of youth entrepreneurs. Last year her support included connecting KinderPrise youth to her council, helping Annapolis Valley Refresh find resources to move programs forward, and attending events to learn first hand about what we do. KinderPrise and other initiatives benefit from her kind of REAL help. As an MP, I’m certain she would be constantly finding ways to increase opportunities for the kids and teens of Kings-Hants. Michael Caplan, Refresh Annapolis Valley, a web application developer and a web designer for 16 years.

— Michael Caplan

Pauline, you have all of the right qualities for public service. I have been honoured to have witnessed your depth of understanding and exemplary commitment to your areas of responsibility as a Councillor. Reason, Integrity, and Strength are the three qualities that immediately come to mind when I reflect on how you have faithfully served the region and mentored younger councillors. You would be a great voice for us in Ottawa. — John Andrew, Kentville Councillor

Pauline ranks among the best of elected representatives because she is 1. Caring. 2. Knowledgeable. 3. Works Hard. Amazing to see her at the council table, she is always prepared and not afraid to ask the tough questions. She's more than ready for Ottawa.

— John Calpin, Business Manager, Fidelis House

Pauline, you have always been a voice for building brighter futures. It's who you are; a person of conviction who is not afraid to speak up for the betterment of others and for communities. You have been an inspiration to me many times during our work in community development - from the boardrooms to classrooms of the Kids Action Program in both Kings and Hants County. I've seen the Community Action Program for Children across Atlantic Canada benefit from your leadership and passion for action.  

— Daphne Goodine, Municipal Councillor East Hants (2000-2008)

Pauline has participated in our community's activities and has been an invaluable addition to the Centreville District Community Development Association. She has kept us informed of municipal issues that affect the community and acted as a liaison with the appropriate provincial and federal representatives over any questions that have arisen. Her knowledge of programs and grants that are available helped us secure funding for projects that otherwise would not have been possible. Most admirable is her dependability: if she says she is going to do something, she does it - and does it well.

— Anne-Marie Waterbury, Centreville

Pauline Raven has been a strong advocate for marginalized community members throughout the region and not only in Kings and Hants. Her desire to advance equality and opportunity has been of assistance to citizens across this province and we can only hope that her efforts can continue. I endorse her service and her bid to be on the ballot for the October election.

— Robert Ffrench, Executive Director Valley African Association of Nova Scotia

I have always said that the two hardest working public servants I know are Scott Brison and Pauline Raven. If anyone can follow in his footsteps and represent our riding, it is Pauline. I highly recommend her and thank her for caring enough about our community to step in and offer to run. — Geof Turner, Kings North Liberal Candidate

Committee to Elect Pauline Raven
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